Dear Customer,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support of The Brewers Wholesale through 2018. It has been an interesting year with sales increasing, but at the same time the frustration of having an antiquated sales tool….i.e the monthly Fine Cask brochure you all receive.

As from January 2019 we will not be sending out a monthly brochure, this will be replaced with a Daily Stock Availability on line at

We have taken this decision because it will benefit you the customer in a number of ways that are more beneficial to the current monthly brochure system we use.

These benefits are listed below.

More choice of Cask Ales……We have 27 Cask Ales on promotion for a MONTH. The first week of the month is excellent, the second week is pretty good, the third week of the month can be steady as we have sold out of some of the beers on promotion, the fourth week can be very slow as most of you have taken the beers already you want, and if it is a five week month depending on dates it can be terrible as most of you say that you are ok and will wait for the new brochure to come out.

Week 5 should be as good as week one, but it isn’t as we have sold most of the promotion stock and are waiting for the new beers to land for the new monthly promotion. Therefore to produce a weekly list in the same format as we do now and sending a fully printed weekly brochure would be very hard to cope with, so we have decided to change our beers on a weekly basis on our web site.

We will be offering around 30 different beers in the first week of January, and we will sell out of many of those by the end of the first week, so we will replace beers that have sold out with a new range of beers from different brewers in week 2, and same again we will replace the beers sold out in week 2 with a new range to offer in week 3 and so on week after week.

This gives you the customer a weekly selection of Cask Ales and not monthly.

First To Market….. If for instance Salopian or Tiny Rebel produce a new special beer we can offer those beers as soon as they are available, with the present system we would wait to feature them in the brochure which could be up to four weeks after the beer has been released.

Better Offers……Some brewers sometimes over brew for a big contract that is not always fulfilled, they contact us and ask if we would like x number of firkins at a specially reduced price, it’s all fresh stock they just need to move it on, currently we don’t have the capability to do this at short notice as the brochure is only produced once a month.

Identifying Products…. We have created the on line Daily Stock Availability so it shows you in Categories what we have available.

Weekly Cask Offers, Weekly Guest Cask Ales, Floor Stocked Cask Ales with colour, gravity, clip image and stock availability updated every night for the following day. The list shows you what new beers have been added on a daily basis.

The bag in box ciders have been put in to categories Medium, Sweet, Med Sweet Dry Fruit, Perry etc again including if they are clear or hazy, and gravity.

All the other products we offer such as Craft Keg, Craft cans, Bottled Cider, Bottled Fruit Cider, Keg Cider are all under there own heading so it is much easier for you to choose what you are looking for.

We welcome any feedback and will e-mail you on the Friday before the start of the following week to show you what we will have available and will still call you on your preferred delivery day.